Holly Williams

Holly Williams

"Music Should Be the Only Drug on the Planet!"

Let's see…a little information about myself. I've been "doing" radio for 20 years now. I started full time on the classic rock station many moons ago and then went to a modern rock station…old rock to new rock…I then went to another station that played a lot of terrific singer-songwriters and now I'm very happy to be on BOB-FM. At one time, between on-air gigs, I was very fortunate to program some of the radio stations in the Hampton Roads Market. These days I guess you could say I'm extremely well rounded in the medium 'cause NOW…I also dabble in sales! The bottom line is, I LOVE radio.

Day Date Time Artist Location
Sunday 11/19/17 7:30PM Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour Verizon Center DC
Sunday 12/31/17 TBA 10,000 Maniacs Virginia Beach Town Center