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Facebook February and more…

Hey there, how about all this free "STUFF" you can win on BOB-FM!!!! We've teamed up with Diet Mt. Dew. Did you see all that's up for grabs? Keep listening for your shot to score tickets to an ODU Basketball game. You do that, you become qualified to "Shoot it Out" on February 26th at the Virginia Beach Field House. You have to make basketball shots from five strategic spots on the court. Make all or the most, and you win. Check out all of the details on _937bobfm.com._ AND, you can win cash too!!! Thanks to FaceBook February! Make us your friend on FaceBook, if we call your name out on the air you have 10 minutes to call US in the studio at 22-22-937!!! You do that, you win. Simple.

One more noted thought folks, during the summer months we hung out at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach for the Why Not Wednesday concert series. Quite a few times, the band PARTY FINS played. Warren Seaburg who is lead vocalist has been battling Bladder Cancer for the past 20 years. I have to tell you, I've had multiple conversations with the man and never new of his struggle. Well, I read an article in Veer Magazine explaining that Warren, who has donated his time and music to countless fund raisers for various artists in years past, is in need of support from Hampton Roads in raising funds to battle his illness. The first one is this Sunday, February the 20th at South Beach Grill in Virginia Beach. I'm happy to report a lot of wonderful talent is going to be there. Lewis McGehee who is an amazing player and person will be there along with Mr. Robbin Thompson!!!!! Jesse Chong who has made quite a name for himself in Hampton Roads will also be performing. Another fundraiser will be held on the 27th of this month at the Wickers Crab Pot in Chesapeake. Both eateries will have great food and beverage and more importantly attending either one or both will make a huge difference in Warren's life!!

Lots going on that is for sure.
Have a wonderful rest of the week and as always, we thank you so much for "Keeping Your Knob On BOB"!!!!...

Posted by Holly on 02/17 at 05:05 PM

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!! I hope the holidays were great for you. AND HOW ABOUT THAT SNOW!!!! OMGosh, I loved it. It did curtail me from seeing my family up north, but were are getting together this weekend at my kid sisters' house...I can't wait to see everyone. So, what resolutions have you decided on? O.k., maybe one resolution. I'm doing the One Life Fitness challenge again. I did it last year. Kept most of the weight off but hey, it was the holidays. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to exercise during the break...the calories and fat came back in no time. But, I'm still at a better weight than I was last year this time. I start the workouts tonight at One Life Fitness in Norfolk. It's on Monticello Ave. Tom Hill will be my trainer again....love Tom but I did come up with a nickname for him last year....can you say SATAN!!! Just kidding...it was all for my own good. Really, I haven't felt better. Working out really helps with the metabolism. It gives it a jump start if you will. And of course I will be watching the calories. Get on line at onelifefitness.com. Wait until you see what they have for you. And all the classes they offer as part of your membership. And here's the great news, you WILL find a class that WILL fit your schedule. Monday through Sunday. O.k. that's it for me. I'll let you know how the workout goes. I think I'm TRXing like I did last year. This is the BEST workout ever. Have a wonderful first week back in the new year. I wish you happiness and good health in 2011. Ooppps, I almost forgot...thanks for keeping "Your Knob on Bob".....Peace

Posted by Dave on 01/05 at 02:43 PM

Come hang with BOB this weekend

Hey everyone...I'm here to say "hello" and to talk with you about a few things. First off, we are going to be very busy this weekend. I hope you can make it to some if not all of the places BOB-FM is going to be. Thursday it's Suntrust Bank's Art After 5 at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center....known as PFAC. We will be there starting at 5pm. Come enjoy art, music and delicious food catered by Black Dog Catering. Yummy!!! On Friday we will be at Cheeseburger in Paradise on Lynnhaven Parkway...talk about great food too!!! Plus, Cheeseburger in Paradise is just a really cool place to hang. And then there will be Saturday...let's do some shopping shall we!!!! BOB-FM will be at Oyster Point City Center and let me tell you what...I'm going to be doing some Holiday Shopping for sure! Saturday night we are "wrapping" things up at Bush Gardens. Christmas Town is up and running and it is such a beautiful sight to see. The kids are going to feel like they are in the North Pole...and so will you Mom and Dad!!! Lights are everywhere. It's magical. Join us for BOB-FM adventures starting this Thursday and thank you thank you thank you for keeping your "Knob on BOB" and Happy Holidays!!!!

Posted by Dave on 12/14 at 05:58 PM

I can’t believe the wheels I’m driving…

I can't believe the wheels I'm driving... OMGosh... It's this new vehicle by Suzuki called the Kizashi. Can you say slick? I mean for a 4-door sedan, this ride is amazing. I know you think I'm exaggerating, so I'll make you a little deal. Get to Little Joe's of Chesapeake or Pembroke Suzuki of Virginia Beach and test drive one for yourself. If you don't fall in love with this great little value of a car, I guess I'll have to eat "Crow". I've never had Crow but since I know that you will love the Kizashi, I won't have to (thank you Lord!) AND, here's even the best news of all, it starts at $18,900. And yes, a lot is included like all the great safety features which are very important to us parents. I am having a blast with this car! I'll tell you what, the Kizashi is a brand new way to drive!

Posted by Dave on 10/19 at 02:39 PM
Day Date Time Artist Location
Wednesday 09/03/14 7:00PM KIngs of Leon w/ Young the Giant and Kongos Farm Bureau Live in VB
Friday 9/26/14 8:00PM Chicago nTelos Wireless Pavillion
Saturday 10/25/14 7:30PM Judas Priest nTelos Wireless Pavillion